Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Popeye DVD Cover Revealed!

Found in this print ad is the Popeye DVD cover, which now is revealed! It will be restored to the original Paramount titles. However, have you noticed recently the "adult collector" disclaimer, on recent cartoon sets from Warner Home Video? It was used on the Popeye DVD ad. A lot of people are frustrated because no mater how inappropriate it seems, some people are wanting their kids to have the freedom to watch these cartoons. Anyways, unless they release it on Blu-ray or HD-DVD, the only way you would have theater experience if you pop in the DVD on a Bose Lifestyle DVD player/home theater system. Jerry Beck is excited about the final product. He has worked with both PD and official DVD relases of Popeye.
This DVD will include:
-All B/W cartoons from his screen debut in 1933 to 1938, with the first two Color Features (the official name for a color special as seen on an original title of POPEYE MEETS SINBAD)
-History of Popeye and Fleischer Studios documentaries.
Here's a bonus: Like WB releases for MGM and RKO movies, it will have the Turner Entertainment Co. print logo on the cover.
I hope it will not be like that Tom and Jerry DVD where people had to order replacement discs.
Sorry, Charlie, but it will wait till July

Here's a Popeye cartoon that will help with the wait:

Here's a link to the preview:

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