Thursday, June 18, 2009

Paramount cartoons- WHO OWNS THEM (the film rights)?????

I've spoken with the people who seemingly own the cartoons:


and I've also spoken with the UCLA Film Archive.

Who owns them?

They all didn't know.

As I quote in an old e-mail to Jerry Beck:

"Oh, the rights are so confusing."

If the owner is just public domain, then we need to remaster the cartoons OURSELVES along with Harvey and Paramount(just license to use their logo). I'm speaking to you animation experts.

If the owner is a "somebody", then people have got to shape up. It seems as if nobody cares, and brings a sniff to my eye.

Paramount cartoons and Terrytoons on DVD???? Will it ever come true?

Sorry for the hitaus.

If the executives at Viacom and Lionsgate don't think Betty Boop is hot, here is a situtation that is going to get hotter.

Aesop's "The Mouse Who Belled the Cat" and Ray Pointer's relation to writing a bunch of letters and such has finally...come true.

While we're waiting for 1980's revivals of The Alvin Show and Mighty Mouse to be out on DVD, people want the original Paramount cartoons and Terrytoons to be on DVD.

Yes, it's madness. Sheer madness.

No matter how much of the Viacom/Lionsgate executives don't give us the response we want- it still gives us more to ask for.

The Shout Factory and GAC Forums are having their forums devoted to getting these classics on DVD. The rights are seemingly confusing. Does Paramount own Betty Boop or does Lionsgate own Betty Boop?

Check 'em out:

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Semi-OT: An MGM short with the studio's orchestra playing a certian firefighting piece

The tune that the MGM Orchestra is playing is the same tune played throughout GABBY's "Fire Cheese" and the Famous Studios Screen Song sequel, "The Big Flame-Up" (minus the sing-along number), plus cartoons from various other studios as well. But to PD video fans, it's those two Paramount cartoons that the tune is well-known.

This tune is "The Merry Wives of Windsor Overture", not an execrpt of "The Merry Widow", as Fleischer/Disney historian Ray Pointer said it was an execrpt of "The Merry Widow". But it's not.

And oh, if you want to see the two- this post was going to be devoted to the MGM live-action short posted above but however....