Friday, April 23, 2010

Off-Topic: The 42nd Michigan Student Film And Video Festival is tommorow, here are some thoughts

I get giddy over low-budget student films sometimes when I see them in a festival.

While the "Best Of Show" winners have not been announced on the internet, here are some pre-thoughts on this year's "Detroit School Oscars".

This festival was a obession of mine before I rediscovered Paramount's cartoons again- or around that time.

In fact the production of my first entry was only a couple of years after the tape of "you-know-what" broke, less Popeye and I forgot all about those cartoons.

The state with the high unemployment rate has a tax incentive for Hollywood, Fleischer fan/friend Ray Pointer, some other Golden Age Cartoons forum members, and every year in the so-called Motor City- the winners are picked. The grand prize is given to multiple films known as the "Best of Show"- and those Best Of Show winners are shown up at the movie theater in Detroit's art museum.

Nobody knew the truth about what the prizes is, allthough I have fun watching the winners.

In fact since everybody gets a classified award who enters, techincally I'm not a winner. There's Honor, Merit, and these are more in retrospect either losers or nominations. The award system isn't as well-known as how those big award shows work, among them the Oscars and Emmys, because it's very confusing for a proud family (no pun intended about that Disney Channel cartoon done by one of my favorite Disney villian animaton directors).

Now, because of the Oscar win for the Detroit-area's "The Crunch Bird" and the recent death of the filmmaker (Ted Petok), I think he needs to be reconized with some sort of tribute, wheteher there be an age-apporiate clip of "The Crunch Bird" and some of his Sesame Street/Electric Company skits

Here are some fun past winners (one that I do remember)

And here's another that's fun for Disney fans: