Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nickelodeon meets Famous Studios- a title sequence

Only someone with a skill in Flash could animate this opening title sequence to look exactly like a Famous Studios cartoon from the 40's and 50's. I just couldn't imagine someone else obessing over the original Paramount titles of a Famous Studios cartoon to the degree that they wanted to make their own opening. It's been done to death in Looney Tunes, but to use an opening that would broaden the library of the Famous Studios cartoon is just something. I swore on this one UPN news program that they used some sort of Paramount Famous Studios-era mountain look for the backdrop framed on the back of the extreme shot of the anchors. Guess that memory and the Paramount Teleplex helped with the branding of a United Paramount Network. But that's about it- nobody's done a cartoony mountain in the spirit of whatever Famous Studios animator painted those logos. (Of course, Harvey's mascot is another reminder of Paramount openings). Without further ado.....

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010!

What better way to celebrate Halloween, Paramount cartoons-style than Casper (and Casper making friends with kids playing pirates)?

And, I might have a suprise project that I might reveal tommorow or a few days later, depending if it works properly.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Off-Topic: The 42nd Michigan Student Film And Video Festival is tommorow, here are some thoughts

I get giddy over low-budget student films sometimes when I see them in a festival.

While the "Best Of Show" winners have not been announced on the internet, here are some pre-thoughts on this year's "Detroit School Oscars".

This festival was a obession of mine before I rediscovered Paramount's cartoons again- or around that time.

In fact the production of my first entry was only a couple of years after the tape of "you-know-what" broke, less Popeye and I forgot all about those cartoons.

The state with the high unemployment rate has a tax incentive for Hollywood, Fleischer fan/friend Ray Pointer, some other Golden Age Cartoons forum members, and every year in the so-called Motor City- the winners are picked. The grand prize is given to multiple films known as the "Best of Show"- and those Best Of Show winners are shown up at the movie theater in Detroit's art museum.

Nobody knew the truth about what the prizes is, allthough I have fun watching the winners.

In fact since everybody gets a classified award who enters, techincally I'm not a winner. There's Honor, Merit, and these are more in retrospect either losers or nominations. The award system isn't as well-known as how those big award shows work, among them the Oscars and Emmys, because it's very confusing for a proud family (no pun intended about that Disney Channel cartoon done by one of my favorite Disney villian animaton directors).

Now, because of the Oscar win for the Detroit-area's "The Crunch Bird" and the recent death of the filmmaker (Ted Petok), I think he needs to be reconized with some sort of tribute, wheteher there be an age-apporiate clip of "The Crunch Bird" and some of his Sesame Street/Electric Company skits

Here are some fun past winners (one that I do remember)

And here's another that's fun for Disney fans: