Thursday, April 26, 2012

LACMA Screening- Update

If you live in the LA area and want to drop a comment in my second LACMA covering post, the signature drive is still open- but I have something to tell you.

Unless Jerry brings me more updates in the next 15 minutes, I am going to be hitting the hay soon since I live in EST time zone.

Tommorow- Did the executives like it? And some surprises too! Did we get an audience. The post-screening coverage begins tommorow morning.

Updates on LACMA's Classic Paramount Cartoon screening

Welcome back to Classic Paramount Cartoons' coverage of the LACMA Paramount Animation screening. We need more seats. If you're in LA, and all you're doing is banging your paddleball wondering what to do, 5 bucks is all you need if you want to show up at 9 pm PST for a bunch of Paramount oldies. If you're also a South Park fan, show up earlier for an addition $5 for the feautre, "South Park: Bigger Longer And Uncut".

While the feature did fine of course, we need more people......If you want Paramount cartoons played on your DVD player or TV, or an official YouTube channel with better quality copies of stuff you can't find on public domain videos, please attend the screening.

Anyways, it looks like some great Paramount cartoons will be shown. And don't worry, nothing un-PC will be shown like the "Jasper" series.

If one person is committed to attending in the comments section from the LA area by 9 pm PST/11, I will post the opening/closing titles to a cartoon I hinted earlier, usually seen in Eastmancolor on an NTA print or with fake inserted Paramount logos, but in gorgeous 35mm Teechnicolor with original Paramount opening/closing logos, subject to Jerry Beck's permission.

Paramount cartoons at LACMA


Your pal ParamountCartoons here covering very briefly for the LACMA screening of Paramount cartoons at 9 pm PST following SOUTH PARK: BIGGER, LONGER AND UNCUT. Why is it so important? Since current Paramount Pictures execs will be seeing how well it does with an audience, which MAY influence their decision for a proper restoration for the home and digital market, specfically the DVD and Blu-ray.

Rumor has it the hardest-to-find theatrical print being shown is the pilot of the ultimate fall-holiday crossbreed of Gus, Fernidad the Bull, and Superman. Hint- the voice of Animaniacs' Slappy Squirrel wrote a live-action movie about this character for one of her famous bosses (which that movie will get a reboot)!!!!

For my complex hint of what one of the rarer cartoons is will be, be blown away by whatever it is, because there is a lot of bad faded NTA prints of that cartoons, and the audio has been in those prints either low pitched or time-compressed (sometimes you'll find bad prints at normal speed, though).

I'm going to get Jerry to take notice of this post......

See you real soon!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

in honor of a loved one I lost's birthday.....

Here is some special episodes of Doug (both Nickelodeon and Disney), that might have something to do with me. Hint: Patti, but the other way around.

Skip to the second half ("Doug Rocks The House")

Patti's Dad Dilemma_chunk_1 by jimbrodie11

Patti's Dad Dilemma_chunk_2 by jimbrodie11

Monday, February 27, 2012


Forget his haunted house adventure, this is a scream. Not only the Bugs Bunny cameo was great, but the ending is well-deserved!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My story on Cartoon Brew

Apparently, Jerry likes ANYTHING odd in animation, so my post involving Little Audrey's first forerunner- Santa's Surprise, and some UK/India remake that is a mess- was worth posting on The Brony Birtplace- Cartoon Brew. It's an honor really for someone who wanted to find years of a discovery (A Paramount copy of OLD MACDONALD, Betty Boops with original titles, etc.)

To see the story and not screenshots


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

And for something really different.....

I am a fan of "The Fairly OddParents". I fantasize the edginess and sometimes the raunchiness if creator Butch Hartman decided to have a seperate extereme adult-oriented theatrical series as a companion to the "children's" television series counterpart of FOP. Also, the Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon competition was a real pain in the butt once I switched after I felt DragonBall Z was too violent and the cartoons on CN (even the old 90's ones and early 2000's) were stupid. The switch to Nickelodeon was very late for you 90's complainers. I thought Nickelodoen was too "cool" and "laid-back" when I was a child. Luckily, the Nicktoons channel got me caught up in some classic nick as well as Nick GaS. Keep in mind when I first watched a full episode of SpongeBob in school (on a Paramount videotape), I was getting into public domain cartoons, primarily the Paramount cartoon library.

Allthough the "edgy" series I imagined for FOP was not gang-oriented, but my imaginary series did have Timmy swearing.

This gang-film spoof (possibly has elements to Scarface as one user commented) is the ultimate fight for a competition. (and on nick's message boards at one point, people wanted a CN/Nick crossover).


Part 1

Part 2