Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Popeye The Sailor- The Hungry Goat!!!!

This goat should have starred in a "Noveltoon"! He was very clever in outsmarting Popeye and tattling at Popeye! Directed by Dan Gordon and Joe Oriolo from Famous Studios through Paramount Pictures....

Monday, January 14, 2008

Debut- Little Lulu in Eggs Don't Bounce

The first episode of Little Lulu on the silver screen. And, it was an animated short.

Little Lulu was started as a single panel comic strip on the Saturday Evening Post by Margje Henderson Bull in 1935. In 1943, Famous Studios got the license to animate Little Lulu, and when Lulu got animated, Paramount, of course distrubuted the films.

In this UM&M retitling, we see the usual Little Lulu TV print opening titles, then it dissolves to a very odd refilmed main title card.Most end titles don't have a vocal, and the maid's character has a Fleischer-like backdrop. Because of this, even though the studio that was taken over by Paramount was now renamed Famous- it still hasn't fully evolved yet into the typical 1940's Famous Studios cartoon.
Now the Marge nickname is a mystery... It seems like UM&M coined that nickname because they were sloppy plus used different fonts.

As a witness of the orginal titles- It looks like there's a translucent "J"...

And now, the cartoon:

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New and Improved design!

OK, I was just sorta kidding.

The newest edition: I just did my blog title logo using MS Paint. It is from an actual Paramount logo take from the Popeye DVD. I do not own the logo, I just did this for fun and to catch eye appeal so people who already saw my blog will be like "what?".

Sadly, nobody's commenting.

Coming VERY soon to my blog! (it could be litterally today or tommorow even..)

Here's your "teaser" picture:

But it's not going to be the cartoon that you'll think it be....