Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My story on Cartoon Brew

Apparently, Jerry likes ANYTHING odd in animation, so my post involving Little Audrey's first forerunner- Santa's Surprise, and some UK/India remake that is a mess- was worth posting on The Brony Birtplace- Cartoon Brew. It's an honor really for someone who wanted to find years of a discovery (A Paramount copy of OLD MACDONALD, Betty Boops with original titles, etc.)

To see the story and not screenshots


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

And for something really different.....

I am a fan of "The Fairly OddParents". I fantasize the edginess and sometimes the raunchiness if creator Butch Hartman decided to have a seperate extereme adult-oriented theatrical series as a companion to the "children's" television series counterpart of FOP. Also, the Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon competition was a real pain in the butt once I switched after I felt DragonBall Z was too violent and the cartoons on CN (even the old 90's ones and early 2000's) were stupid. The switch to Nickelodeon was very late for you 90's complainers. I thought Nickelodoen was too "cool" and "laid-back" when I was a child. Luckily, the Nicktoons channel got me caught up in some classic nick as well as Nick GaS. Keep in mind when I first watched a full episode of SpongeBob in school (on a Paramount videotape), I was getting into public domain cartoons, primarily the Paramount cartoon library.

Allthough the "edgy" series I imagined for FOP was not gang-oriented, but my imaginary series did have Timmy swearing.

This gang-film spoof (possibly has elements to Scarface as one user commented) is the ultimate fight for a competition. (and on nick's message boards at one point, people wanted a CN/Nick crossover).


Part 1

Part 2

Saturday, September 10, 2011

NEWSFLASH- Original Prints Of Betty Boop Cartoons

The secret to Lionsgate restoring Betty Boop (other than the convincing part)? 9.5 mm home movie prints!

Here we find some transfers of some original-titled Betty Boop cartoons, pre-dating the UM&M negative cutting. If the original titles on the head of all the Bettys in the UCLA archive deteroiated, then for Jerry Beck this would be PURE GOLD. Nobody's seen the real original titles to these, including the most common on all PD Betty sets. Oh, execpt for those who saw it in the movies in the 1930's. They probably 99% didn't pay attention to the credits, so to keep it fresh in your minds

Monday, June 13, 2011

A tribute to the most made fun of cartoon.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"Animaniacs" parodied Betty Boop

...And did well.

My only three complaints were that there were too many dancing objects, too much talking, and no Paramount logo parody (or a UM&M or NTA logo parody due to negative cutting's inacessiblity to see the original openings).

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day

Feeling kind of an underapperciated Earth Day this year.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Old Macdonald......again.

This a great restored version. But, it's missing the Paramount logo, extra time for the main title card and the sing-along.

Of course this is coming from Lobster Films in France.

I wish Paramount would put this on DVD or Blu-ray, period just so I can see the complete opening with the Paramount logo. No sub-licensing to Lionsgate, but a DVD or Blu-ray. It could be a general collector's item with a few bonus kiddie 'Famous toons. Jerry Beck, if you're listening, get this in the most marketable way you can get the screwy executives from Paramount, even if you have to compete with YouTube and public domain DVD's.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Semi-Off-Topic: The Ugly PD Cover Contest

It's just one day until the Oscars, so I decided to post this contest that has an awards-show theme. GAC (not referring to the country channel, but Golden Age Cartoons, an animation fan and history website) has this annual contest to see if they can be a "legally-able" graphic designer for a public domain video company, or some studio release that had not passed on too well to Jerry Beck to even like the cover work. Depending on the user's mood, some just want to take advantage of the contest to just make an unoriginal joke so they can get their cover noticed (not me), or some have the same idea, but make a funnier version of it. Some are downright creepy, and some are laugh-out-loud. This pokes fun at: A) Unwary buyers B) The content shown in our favorite classic cartoons C) The imposiblity to have every classic cartoon ever made have the perfect official release that everyone can afford or have access to, never buying those knockoff tapes ever again (ya hear that DVNR inventors and Brad Grey!(and especially studios who did even the slightest whiff of badly on the sets- even with one minor error that got big complaints)

Of course, rather than get a job to PD video companies, they simply get videos and DVD's, both PD and official.

This contest is probably what I would call "postmodern" art whatever that means (correct me if I'm wrong), this is a good example:

All he could think about was "Golden Farmer Porky", so he decided to put in "a movie" with some "cartoons" and modified some swiped designs of popular-sample covers from contests' past.

I think the funniest covers that I could renember

Of course, Paramount Pictures (the studio that this blogs' cartoons are devoted to), gets a pat on the back for their backlog of cartoons' winning twice in a row as a theme.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Betty and Koko- The Leftover Original some depressing news

First....the bad news.

I closed my YouTube account (from my Butterscotch and Soda post Youtube post, sorry it wasn't covered in this blog.) because someone offered me a gift (Paramount cartoon-related). I am no way comfortable accepting gifts even though I feel really both good and more extremely unwantingly (and perhaps undneedingly) guilty of this situation because it was too good of an offer to refuse. I made someone feel bad (and if he is obessed with things made him truamatized) because I did the right thing, and it just is really depressing. This is coming from a man who liked someone but she wasn't comfortable to talk to me which truamatized me and worsened my fantasies.

Now the good news....the site I left has some great B&W (and one orginally in color) prints of Inkwell Imps and Talkatoons/Betty Boop. A few have some recrations, but are mostly from the original negatives and are not as fake as the slightly faded 1947-1949 Technicolor mountain openings with the end title opening the cartoon on Paramount color cartoons masking the NTA and a.a.p. logos that were on the TV prints (not sure what the deal with that "Old MacDonald" print with the fake mountain but original titles that turns up on YouTube on ocassion).

Anyways, these are left over from the UM&M negative cutting that irrates me. Why did all of the B&W cartoons have those UM&M titles than the color ones do?

Well, here they are.

And a bonus time-compressed print of a Screen Song by Fleischer

Friday, February 4, 2011