Thursday, February 10, 2011

Betty and Koko- The Leftover Original some depressing news

First....the bad news.

I closed my YouTube account (from my Butterscotch and Soda post Youtube post, sorry it wasn't covered in this blog.) because someone offered me a gift (Paramount cartoon-related). I am no way comfortable accepting gifts even though I feel really both good and more extremely unwantingly (and perhaps undneedingly) guilty of this situation because it was too good of an offer to refuse. I made someone feel bad (and if he is obessed with things made him truamatized) because I did the right thing, and it just is really depressing. This is coming from a man who liked someone but she wasn't comfortable to talk to me which truamatized me and worsened my fantasies.

Now the good news....the site I left has some great B&W (and one orginally in color) prints of Inkwell Imps and Talkatoons/Betty Boop. A few have some recrations, but are mostly from the original negatives and are not as fake as the slightly faded 1947-1949 Technicolor mountain openings with the end title opening the cartoon on Paramount color cartoons masking the NTA and a.a.p. logos that were on the TV prints (not sure what the deal with that "Old MacDonald" print with the fake mountain but original titles that turns up on YouTube on ocassion).

Anyways, these are left over from the UM&M negative cutting that irrates me. Why did all of the B&W cartoons have those UM&M titles than the color ones do?

Well, here they are.

And a bonus time-compressed print of a Screen Song by Fleischer


Jerry Beck said...

The reason that there are more original Paramount titles on color cartoons than black and white cartoons is because: UM&M TV Corp cut the original negatives of the black and white cartoons and spliced their logo directly on the negatives. The negatives to the color cartoons, being three-strip Technicolor negatives, were not touched, because it would be too much trouble - they would have to do three times the work.

So, because the original color negs were untouched, restoring the color cartoons with their original titles is much easier.

classicparamountcartoons said...

Jerry, thanks, but I already knew that. At least you gave information on why they didn't cut the color cartoons.