Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Matty Mattel's Funday Funnies with Harveytoon Characters

I discovered this ABC programming block sponsored by Mattel, featuring Famous Studios cartoon characters, hosted by the sponsor's advertising icon of the time (he now only exists in the 800-number square on the back of Mattel toys). Recongnize any familar scences? Here's a piece of triva, the last Casper promo before the toy commericals on the YouTube post featured features BOO MOON (1953). The block aired when the Paramount stars were Harvey stars.


Thad K said...

The other clips are from "Once Upon a Rhyme" (Casper with Red Riding Hood), "Herman the Catoonist", and "Swab the Duck". Cool stuff!


Mike Matei said...

please upload some talkartoons and animated antics