Saturday, March 31, 2007

Somewhere in Dreamland (1936)

This was a cartoon taking place in the Great Depression, and showed a poor family getting food (at least in their dreams). This cartoon is cute. This Max Fleischer Color Classic (Max Fleischer for short) from 1936, has sorta creepy yet nice and surreal Stereo Optical process, common during cartoons relased between 1935 to 1936. This will make junk food consumers think about poor people and also the Great Depression. If you see pictures of other YouTube posts showing this cartoon, you'll notice that the color looks reddish, which will not be good if you were those 'toons. ( Full Credits: Directed by Dave Fleischer, Animated by Seymour Knetiel and Roland Crandall. Music and Lyrics by Charles Newman and Murray Mercher. Western Electric Noisless Recording, MPPDA approved Certificate Number 0587 and In Technicolor. A Paramount Picture.) Without further ado, here's Somewhere in Dreamland. (Look closely and you'll notice that I removed a fact that was not true, courtesy of Ray Pointer. According to him, he said that VCI is lying about 35mm restoration.

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