Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Common Classics- Popeye with Little Swee'Pea.

This is the first online copy of a Popeye cartoon taken directly from the new DVD that Jerry Beck did for the Warners, or at least have I seen. This huge Popeye fan/former YouTube memeber posted
his copy of the restored Little Swee'pea.

Fleischer was still at its prime to many historians and this was the first offical introduction of Little Swee'pea- not counting SOCK-A-BYE-BABY. According to the documentary, nobody knew if he was orignally an orphan baby or not. Seymour Knetiel directed the animation and Dave Fleischer was the supervising producer/credited director. Little Swee'pea has the 3-D Stereoptical process- the byline at the Paramount logo says the patent was pending.

Plot? Popeye orginally was going to take Olive Oyl, but then compromises to take Little Swee'pea to the zoo. Like other Swee'pea apperances during the Fleischer era, Popeye thinks he's in great cartoon danger when facing four animals. But unlike some other cartoons with the Popeye formula and the Swee'pea sub-formula, this one has a twist. You may already know this twist if you bought a public domain DVD or seen it on Cartoon Network- but watch it and find out.

Little Swee'Pea (1936)
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