Friday, December 7, 2007

Common Classic- Superman in "Terror on the Midway"- compare 3 prints!

Haven't done an on topic post in a while....

3 prints of Terror on the Midway- the most easily found cartoon in all of Max Fleischer/Famous Studios-era Superman history.

If you link to the second video there is a rumor in the summary that the 35mm negative has deteriorated.

Although I have watched Superman cartoons earlier- this is the one I remember the most. I borrowed this cartoon from a PD tape at the library and this where I rediscovered Paramount's Superman cartoons.

This reminds me of King Kong- a gorrila trying to get a woman. Also, when I first saw this- it looked like a prototype for one of the villians in an episode from Justice Leauge a few years back.

Directed by Dave Fleischer, Animation Directed by Orestes Calipini.

Authorized print from Warner Bros. by arrangment with comics department DC Comics and Paramount Pictures. Note there's probably no DVNR because of it's organic-type
naturally grainy print.

The guy who claims he has the "best copy"...
Colorful- but the Paramount logo, series title card (Paramount Presents A Max Fleischer Cartoon "Superman" in Technicolor), and the Superman background narrative is missing from this print.

Standard internet print with added sound effects:

What print do you prefer?

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