Saturday, March 15, 2008

Now I ask you very confidentally: "Aint She Sweet?" (1933)

If you've only seen the screenshot titles on Jerry Beck's Cartoon Research Paramount page, now's your chance.
This was a 1933 Fleischer Screen Song directed by my favorite sing-along director, Seymour Knetiel and credibly directed by Dave Fleischer. This print has all of the gags without any splices or edits, plus a live action performing sing-along of Lillian Roth's "Ain't She Sweet", a notable
1920's song. Thad K's idea that nobody gets the end gag. I get the gag: the title of the song is a metaphor to sweets and pastries. Suckers (the candy) is a "sweet".
Another Screen Song of the Fleischer era: "Popular Melodies", has a longer end gag.

Imagine if a Famous Studios Screen Song (or a forerunner such as "The Mild West" and "Old MacDonald"), would be THIS long of a short, or at least the timing and humor value.

Don't forget to obey this famous phrase: "Follow the Bouncing Ball!" so you can sing-along!

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