Sunday, July 15, 2007

Audrey the Rainmaker, complete with spinning star!

This is probably based on The Wizard Of Oz (The place Little Audrey goes to resembles Emerald City), and AUDREY THE RAINMAKER also is included in the lyrics of the Little Audrey theme, "Little Audrey Says", even before it was produced. People with keen ears can hear something in the theme about Little Adurey making the rain go away.

This print has the orignal titles, rather than the fake Harveytoon titles found on THE COMPLETE HARVEYTOONS set.

If I'm correct, I have seen another MGM spoof. It was based on a Tex Avery or Tom and Jerry cartoon if not several, used in the 1950 Paramount Screen Song GOBS OF FUN. It was shown on an end gag where the animals peeked into a live action scence of women dancing.

EDIT: Actually, this is based on a story in a Little Audrey comic book.

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