Saturday, June 9, 2007

Lucky 1947

Here are three 1947 cartoons with their orignal titles.

I was trying to research what the names Buzzy and the cat was a parody of, but the website froze my browser. Look closely and the title cards SHAKE!

I think Paramount's Raggedy Ann cartoons are better than the Fox version, because I hear the Fox version uses sexual jokes. Don't mind that one racial stereotype in SUDDENLY IT'S SPRING, the Paramount Raggedy Ann cartoons are more kid-friendly.

Fleischer historian Ray Pointer thinks Seymour Kneitel is the second best Famous director, and he did great works on these three 1947 classics.

These prints are very common execpt THE ENCAHNTED SQUARE. Most $1 DVD's have the NTA print, though the titles are easy to guess.

It may have been the millionth time you've seen these cartoons, but here they are.

Duck Dodgers' French version might be brighter, however they are great and bright standard 16mm dupes.


Kevin W. Martinez said...

I've always been curious about that s-plice in Naughty but Mice which occurs as Herman is sketching out a coffin for the Black Cat's poster. Herman says "Oh Yeah? Well, just leave 'em to Cousin Herm-" then it cuts abruptly to the sleeping cat. Is that abnormal or is that a flaw of the original?

classicparamountcartoons said...

These are 16mm dupes of the 35mm orignal, as the prints were taken directly from possibly coming from the Anchor Bay/Video Treasures PD video 100 Greatest cartoons.

To answer your question, the splices are common of bright 16mm dupes they are copied millions of times on public domain videos. Splices and grains are normal of 16mm dupes.

Or maybe the dupe read a 35mm nitrate DVNR splice.